Brown dogCancer is a problem for both people and their pets, especially here on Long Island.

As a veterinarian of 40 years, I have had to talk to pet owners about the possibility that their beloved pet may have a malignant tumor and they must decide if they want to try chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is a costly option and its success cannot be guaranteed.

Kitten and PuppyHilton Hospital for Animals is now offering puppy and kitten packages for pets 6 months or younger!*

Puppy & Kitten Packages provide over $300 worth of savings and ensures your puppy or kitten gets the preventive care needed to start them out right. 

Stray CatThe Hempstead Town Board has passed a law requiring all dogs and cats leaving the Hempstead Animal Shelter to be spayed or neutered. It will include lost pets captured by the town that haven't already been fixed.

There will be a five day holding period before lost pets are sterilized and exceptions will be made for animals with medical conditions or animals used for show or service work.

This law will help to reduce the number of stray and shelter animals in the area. Spaying or neutering can also help reduce common health problems in dogs and cats like uterine disease, breast cancer, testicular cancer and even behavioral problems.