Brown dogCancer is a problem for both people and their pets, especially here on Long Island.

As a veterinarian of 40 years, I have had to talk to pet owners about the possibility that their beloved pet may have a malignant tumor and they must decide if they want to try chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is a costly option and its success cannot be guaranteed.

Many times, I think about how these last resort options could have been avoided if we were able to remove the growth earlier but, often times, pets are not diagnosed with cancer until it reaches a late stage. I have discussed this problem with my fellow doctors and would like to help avoid putting this type of stress on our clients by deeming April and May Cancer Awareness Months. 

If you see or feel any lumps on your pet this April or May, we want you to bring them in so we can conduct an exam free of charge. If further lab tests or surgeries are needed, we will discuss those options - as well as any costs - at the time of your visit. 

Please help us help your pet and, hopefully, prevent or slow this horrible disease.

Jeffrey Scott Strom, DVM