Stray CatThe Hempstead Town Board has passed a law requiring all dogs and cats leaving the Hempstead Animal Shelter to be spayed or neutered. It will include lost pets captured by the town that haven't already been fixed.

There will be a five day holding period before lost pets are sterilized and exceptions will be made for animals with medical conditions or animals used for show or service work.

This law will help to reduce the number of stray and shelter animals in the area. Spaying or neutering can also help reduce common health problems in dogs and cats like uterine disease, breast cancer, testicular cancer and even behavioral problems.

Together with the Hempstead Animal Shelter, Hilton Hospital for Animals has already helped to spay and neuter more than 8,000 feral cats, putting us among the top 10 spay/neuter and return programs in the nation.

We look forward to continuing our work with the Hempstead Animal Shelter to control the local stray population and improve the lives of many animals.

Learn about spaying and neutering pets here.